Think of us as your wealth circle. We introduce individual advisors from any needed area of private wealth, and can further introduce a bespoke team to you that act as your wealth circle and are at your disposal to provide whatever you need.


  1. Do you have an issue requiring one area of expertise? We can refer you to a leading advisor in the relevant sector which suits you.
  2. Do you have a project or issue that needs several experts from diverse sectors to work together? We can introduce you to a team.
  3. Keen to work out your goals and the types of expertise needed to achieve them?
    We can work together to do that.
  4. Would you like to find a consistent circle of advisors to manage your well being, private assets and protect your wealth long term? We can introduce a team of specialists.

Entrepreneurs, families and advisors call on our services for many reasons, for example, when:

  • They have a connection with or are planning a move to the UK
  • They are planning an inheritance
  • They are considering how to protect trust assets
  • They are considering an investment portfolio review
  • They require UK based accounting and tax advisory to coordinate global assets
  • They are moving out of the UK
  • They require financial planning spanning several countries
  • They want the infrastructure of a UK private office but not the cost
  • They need a lawyer, investment manager, accountant, tax advisor, financial planner, wealth planner, security, reputation management, recruitment, staffing, art collection management, property, portfolio management, travel, insurance, corporate finance, banking
  • They are managing assets in different countries
  • They need trusted advice across several areas of expertise.