“Lara ingeniously created Beacon Gainer to act, in effect, as a virtual private office, bringing together a select group of private client professionals from legal firms, investment managers, art advisors, risk managers to provide an offering to high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families.”

“There has been room for a long time for a full private wealth advisory service which covers all the touch points for a client needing advisors to manage wealth and protect assets. It’s great to see that Beacon Gainer are plugging the need.”

“As private client advisors we all have informal professional networks to tap into to get help for clients however to have a formalised professional service integrated private wealth service which is a group of independent top advisors capable of working instantly together in sorting out complex problems for clients, is genius, then seeing that those solutions if long term are met is exceptionally useful.”

“What you have achieved in a short time is impressive.””