Our modern approach to multi discipline private wealth advisory sets us apart.
Clients value our agility to take matters in hand quickly and efficiently. Small in scale, yet equipped with large business experience and thinking, we are perfectly placed to meet the full spectrum of a client’s needs – from introductions, to planning and integrating bespoke services or helping to build a client team long term.

Connecting the right people is key.
Our Group includes advisors from the following firms:

Founder and Managing Director, Lara Leigh-Wood established Beacon Gainer in 2015.  Starting out as a small group of firms and since grown, her objective was to develop a new model that would care for clients by sourcing leading advisors from medium-sized firms across niche sectors in the private wealth industry.

Clients place huge value on the breadth and depth of her experience and understanding of private clients, private wealth market and advisors. Historically, wealth management was hard to understand and Lara’s decision to innovate by opening up the approach has positioned Beacon Gainer as a progressive challenger at the forefront of the industry.

A recipient of the Scarlet Key Award for social entrepreneurship from McGill University, Lara’s leadership record goes before her. Over the course of 10 years, she has developed extensive experience facilitating successful collaborations between diverse types of businesses including industry behemoths and non-profits, business teams and departments and collaboration of established large-scale organisations and remote global teams of workers. Fittingly, our logo is the bridge within the original crest of Lara’s ancestors who designed bridges in Venice in the 1500s and beyond.

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