We draw attention to tested solutions historically, at the same time, as we work together with you to find bespoke answers for each client as their requirements vary, anchored in the experience of our advisors across all areas of private wealth.

There is no other ‘turn key’ family office service provider whereby a client needing multiple services can access a digital private enquiry function to consult an array of advisors across multiple disciplines to integrate digitally as one office and work together. This is what collaborative means to us.

Some examples of when family advisors and wealth managers need the Beacon Gainer group include: when your clients have a connection with the UK or are planning a move into the UK; when wealth planning and protection of assets involves a generational shift; when your client’s wish to consider how to protect trust assets from future partners or as a new partner arrives.

We care that clients who are in transition are quickly seen to so they can have peace of mind and find real answers to their questions drawn from modern experience. Our pioneering way of working has significant benefits to our clients and they say they feel they are amongst allies with sophisticated advisors and a modern approach.

We are also innovating communications between clients and advisors with our online Beacon Gainer communications platform. This platform enables multiple users within a family, or advisors in the group to work collaboratively and openly, to approach challenge, without losing discretion and privacy. As a niche business with a different operational style, we understand families and entrepreneurs’ unique needs and we look forward to the opportunity of working together for the future.