The Beacon Gainer logo symbolises and embodies our approach. It is inspired by our Founder, Lara Leigh-Wood’s, ancestral links to the designers of Venetian bridges and Doge Daponte in the 16th century. The bridge reflects the inspiration Lara found from tackling challenge in business development, overcoming problems to find success through focus on collaboration, filling gaps in resource or knowledge by developing relationships between businesses.

We are the only group to have a non competing group of advisors from the best independent firms who have the trust of each other to advise their clients and work together across multiple subsectors of private wealth management and protection of assets. Our like-minded advisors offer a huge diversity of skills and depth of intelligence. Consequently, you gain better results and a smoother process of delivery, saving you time money and peace of mind.

Our growth mind set means we are constantly learning and listening, developing services accordingly and meeting challenges collaboratively.