Beacon Gainer is a shared resource for niche companies and their high flying clients!

We are a number of established companies in the private wealth sector operating as a membership group. We were established in 2016 so the group is new but the experience of the members in the organisation has a history and record.

We have the broadest experience of building strong, commercial relationships and networks which go a long way to establish the value of association but in addition, drawing attention to the strengths of member firms, makes a shared resource which can save time and money.

Opportunities and referrals are the first of the benefits Beacon Gainer can bring, also aggregating skills of the group and thereby gaining authority through association,  across a best in class, non competing but commercial union, focused on bettering results.

Membership includes
• Tailored business development planning.
• Shared experience with other professional non competing companies with similar private client focus.
• Chance to test private wealth industry views.
• Private meetings with retail wealth managers, private banks and family oces.
• Senior level problem solving.
• Member publication to clients twice a year.
• Structured meetings and briefings 6 times per year. It seems that breakfast briengs are the best gatherings so far.
• Private wealth industry seminars with members included in panels.

What you gain
• Comfort that your marketing is right; for your organisation and your target clients.
• Opportunity of new client acquisition from a targeted client base.
• Savings. Membership in a professional group sharing networks, ideas and knowledge can reduce costs of outside consultants.
• Be the answer to…‘Do you know anyone who..?’