Founded in London in 2015, Beacon Gainer set out to modernise and simplify the process of finding trusted advice for the protection of wealth and management of assets.

We facilitate a multi discipline, private wealth advisory, to help manage the many moving parts of wealth accumulation and transfer, including security, legal, trusts, financial planning, investment management, insurance, commercial and residential property acquisition, accounting and tax. We also help manage well being in its broadest sense, and wealth across generations, including life management, for example, education, safeguarding, art collection, financing and staff recruitment.

Our clients choose the elements of our services which suit them, from our group of independent and medium sized firms from all sectors, which create value across the many disciplines needed to manage wealth and well being.

Beacon Gainer selects the independent and regulated firms in the advisory based on criteria of ethics, integrity and values as well as discretion and client rapport. We take time to get to know advisors to develop trust and understanding, and we build trust between these advisors of selected firms to enable a collective of diverse experts to work together for clients when required.

Our collective of advisors represents a shared resource, that has been established between diverse thinkers and skilled professionals, with a history and record, thereby bettering results for entrepreneurs, inheritors and family businesses, saving clients a significant amount of time and money.
An initial meeting helps us understand a client’s needs.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our multi discipline advisory includes: